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Kristi Lee Uninterrupted is a lifestyle podcast that brings you interviews from people you may have heard of before and people who you may not know, but all of them have a fascinating story. Kristi tackles comedy, business, behind the scenes of the big show as well as the occasional girls night out, where the topics can get a bit spicy. If you have something to add to the show or would like to contact Kristi, find all the contact information at
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Aug 29, 2017

Comedienne Ms Pat has lived a life most of us cannot even fathom. She grew up in Georgia at the height of the crack epidemic with an alcoholic mother and a father who was not around. Sexually abused as a child, pregnant at the age of 13 and the mother of two by 15. Pat learned quickly that life on the streets is not what she wanted for her kids. Especially after being shot by her babies daddy. Determined to find a better life she received her GED. And with the encouragement of her case worker on Bill Clinton’s Welfare to Work program attended an open mic. She found she could make people laugh with her amazing stories. She also met and married her current husband who has stood by her since. We chat about her life and her new book, Rabbit: The Autobiography of Ms. Pat: Patricia Williams.

Pat shares with us her families reaction to the book, the power of forgiveness, threats us to a tale that’s not in the book and her favorite pro wrestler growing up! We also learn how a couple of adults who crossed her path as a child played an important role in Pat breaking the cycle of poverty and living in the “hood”. It is not surprising that this powerful woman is now seeing the success she so deserves.

For more information on Ms. Pat:
and on social media: comedienneMsPat

Aug 22, 2017

Boxing vs MMA! We preview the upcoming Floyd Mayweather - Conor McGregor fight with former heavyweight champ Lamon Brewster and his business partner John King. Brewster and King met when both were fighting in the 1991 National Golden Gloves.

While King went into the business side of things Lamon continued to box. He won his WBO title in a stunning upset over Wladimir Klitschko on April 10th 2004. Relive that monumental fight through the Champs eyes. We talk about how his life changed once he had the title and what it took to defend said title.

Lamont suffered a detached retina in the first minute of the first round in a unanimous decision loss to Sergei Liakhovich on April 1st 2006. He went on to fight again but received further damage to his eye contributing to his retirement in 2011. He also recounts the time he attended a reunion of all Heavyweight champions, except George Foreman and Muhammad Ali, at the Hard Rock Cafe in Hollywood Florida.

Could these exceptional athletes leave it in the ring? Find out. And we dive into the old adage, sex or no sex before a fight. Lamon Brewster continues to inspire and remain a positive influence on the next generation of boxers.

(and he does pick of winner of the big fight!)

Aug 15, 2017
Normally when Britt, Tif and I get together its hardly serious.  This week is different.  Tiffany lived through every parents nightmare a few weeks ago.  She goes into great detail about the night her oldest son ended up hospitalized from alcohol poisoning.  This could happen to any of us at any point in our children's lives.  Are you prepared?  How do you talk to your child about drinking?  Do they know they can call for help and NOT get in trouble?  Many of us, myself included, have teens going off to college.  NOW is the time to sit them down and let them know of the serious consequences of binge drinking.  Not only is it illegal it can be deadly.  Ok, and even though the subject is sobering our show is not without laughs or some f’bombs.  (Thanks Britt)  Later in the program we lighten things up with finding Britt a date and discovering the “T”.  You may not let your child listen to this one but I hope you learn something you can pass along.  Here’s to a safe Back to School season.
For more information check out:  Make Good Decisions on Facebook
Aug 8, 2017

This former MMA Champion has now become a champion for others. Chris fills us in on a career that began in 1993 as a UFC fighter and also included a stint in boxing. A journey that earned him multiple championships and honors. Find out what it takes to compete at this level.

Also Chris compares the two disciplines and offers one strong opinion on how to make them better. We also discover that at one point he tried his hand at politics. He was not successful at the polls but he certainly learned a lot about the political process.

When he is not fighting Chris is a full time firefighter. A job he loves right down to the cooking. You will also find Mr. Lytle, speaking at schools in honor of the Chris Lytle Foundation an anti-bullying foundation, training the new up and coming stars in the world of the UFC and he has teamed up with Pat McAfee and Barstool Heartland with his MMA 2 minute drill. AND he also works with Todd McComas also of Barstool on a podcast called “Behind the Badge”. I am tired just writing this paragraph.

Throw in a wonderful wife and 4 children and you have one very active, interesting, and wonderful human being. Chris “Lights Out” Lytle is a special person with an inspiring message. Let him inspire you!

For more information:
Twitter and Facebook: @chrislytlelo

Aug 1, 2017

I am back… with radio sports host and reporter for the IndyCar Series, Jake Query.

Jake is one half of the Query and Schultz show which is heard weekdays from 3p-7p on the iHeart Radio app or if you live near the Indianapolis area, Fox Sports 97.5 and WNDE 1260. Wether he is hosting his show or covering the Indy 500 Jake really stands out.

His knowledge of sports is vast and more importantly entertaining. Jake has a memory unlike anyone I have ever known and it’s not just full of sports stats. No, Jake is well versed on history, crime, presidents, cemeteries and more.

He also fosters a love for his hometown, Indianapolis, that is admirable. In fact, if he were to select his own tombstone it would read, "Here lies a man who loved life as much as he loved the city he lived in". I wouldn’t be surprised if someday he isn't mayor! And although a born and raised Hoosier, he travels over 500 miles one way to see his favorite college football team the Clemson Tigers every fall.

We cover these topics and more on the show this week. I have had the pleasure of knowing many professional broadcasters, Jake is on of the most fascinating.


To find out more or contact Jake on Twitter: @jakequery

Jul 25, 2017

While Kristi is back from vacation, I, her humble producer, am not. Since I am the cause of this week's episode not being new, I thought I would share with you one of my favorite throwback episodes where we talk with Jimmy 'Mad Dog' Matis.

It's one of my favorites because I worked with Jimmy for 11 years at Q95 and he has a long history with the Bob and Tom Show. Plus, along with the Bob episodes, it's another sneak behind the curtains of one of the longest running morning shows in America.


Jul 11, 2017

Ron Jeremy the #1 Porn Star of All Time joins me this week. Ron’s career in adult cinema began in 1978 and he continues to work in the business today. One of those appearances happens on July 15th and 16th 2017 at the Ponderosa Sun Club in Roselawn In. Ron, along with other celebrities, are part of the annual Nudes a Poppin’ event. The top male and female adult entertainers from across the country compete for some big prize money and coveted titles. In case you would like to attend, Ron has all the details.

Then we get into a discussion on how some things have changed in the adult film industry since his early days. The word “bukkake” is brought up again on my show. Find out why. Hear what Ron is “up” to at this point in his career. (I will give you a hint to one of the latest ventures, “virtual reality”). He shares with us a couple of movie ideas he has had for quite sometime. I assure you they are very unique!

And did you know that he appears in Kid Rock’s video for Cowboy playing piano? Yes, music is also important to Mr. Jeremy. He plays not only piano but violin and harmonica.

And probably the biggest surprise to me was finding out his mom was a spy for the USA in World War II. That’s not the only war hero in Ron’s family. We learn about two Purple Hearts bestowed on his relatives. Yes we can talk seriously for a few moments then it swings back to porn. We find out our “porn names” using the first pet - street you grew up on formula. Who is the most famous person to say hi to him? Has he shook hands with a President or Presidents? What turns him on? Does he use ED drugs? Answers to these questions and more with the “Hedgehog” himself, Ron Jeremy.

For more info on Ron: Twitter: @therealRonJeremy and for Nudes a Poppin’ 2017 go to: or


Jul 4, 2017

I am quick to admit I have never seen a Friday the 13th movie. However, that didn’t stop me from sitting down with the man, who many feel is the best actor to ever portray Jason Voorhees, Kane Hodder. For this episode I brought along my cohort and horror movie expert Josh Arnold to share his expertise.

Kane’s story is compelling, from a childhood where his teen years were spent on the Marshall Islands in the South Pacific. Then becoming a stuntman in Hollywood and working on shows like Wonder Woman, The Incredible Hulk, Dukes of Hazard and too many movies to list. (Safe to say if a movie had action in it, Kane was one of the stuntmen.)

Early in his stunt career he suffered a major burn injury over 50% of his body which had an incredible impact on his life. He now does work with burn centers across the country to help others. And of course, his path would eventually lead to acting. Fans don’t worry we do talk horror and movies and his run in the successful Friday the 13th Series. (This is where I start getting scared….)

He also touches on other famous “killers” he has played. And recently Kane was asked to reprise his role as Jason for the Friday the 13 video game. It’s a fascinating process to do motion capture for a game. And lets not forget he is also a part of a paranormal group called The Hollywood Ghost Hunters. Does he really believe in ghosts? We not only find out the answer to that question but also to what scares him. And learn about his latest film, a horror comedy, called “An Accidental Zombie (Named Ted)”. The premise of which is quite funny if not a bit unsettling for a horror novice like me.

I started out scared of Jason and ended up in awe of Kane! Enjoy!

To find out more about Kane Hodder go to: or and don’t forget to check out his documentary:

To Hell and Back: The Kane Hodder Story

Jun 27, 2017

Every now and then the time comes when we have no show for the week. Guest falls through, Kristi breaks her ankle, or some other act of God.

Although we take great pains to try and release a new show every week sometimes it just isn't possible.

So as a throw back to meeting Britt... We are airing the very first Shit with Britt episode.

I won't lie... listening to the intro and realizing that is how we once started the show is very amusing... it's always fun to see how the show has grown from the early days... and knowing Britt was right there at the very beginning (3rd episode in fact) is amazing. Enjoy this rebroadcast of our very first interaction with Britt and the shit she says.


Producer Brad "BS" Shoemaker (taking control of the show notes for the week...)


Our friend, who will go by the name Britt for the podcasts, is raw and funny whether she is describing the "grey" dating area she finds herself in after her recent divorce or the act of butt chugging. The bottom line is she likes her boobs.

Kristi Lee's class remains intact but does mention the word penis. It is just three gals sitting around the table talking like they would if they were at a bar. Topics ranged from sexting to tit pics to maintaining groomed or ungroomed lady parts.

This isn't the last time you'll hear from Britt...

Jun 20, 2017

John Evans began comedy in Tulsa Oklahoma back in 1996. Since that first open mic he moved to Minneapolis, LA, and Pittsburgh. Along the way he has had countless comedy club dates, performed on Live at Gotham and was a semi-finalist on NBC’s Last Comic Standing. However, his biggest stage is the one he stepped onto about 11 months ago when he decided to get sober. We discuss this life changing moment and how his career and relationships were effected.

He shares an especially private moment that occurred when he ran across letters his father had sent his mother while stationed in Vietnam. And how he is now a better father to his own two sons. John also talks about growing up in the 70’s (his favorite era) and his love of thrifting. A love that led him to open his own vintage store in Pittsburgh for a time.

With a new found sobriety and a wealth of new material look for great things to come from John Evans! Enjoy our conversation and look for him on social media: @thriftstoreguy on Twitter and he is updating his website:

Jun 14, 2017

Meet the newest member of the Bob and Tom Show family, Jeff Oskay! Jeff has worn many hats in his career, but the most important is that of DAD! On this Father’s Day week we celebrate all dads by discussing Jeff’s experience being a single dad or as he says “single parent”. Ok sure we talk about others things too… moving on from being “single” to a committed relationship with his girlfriend Maggie and her two daughters. Combining the two families, oh and chickens and goats! Jeff and family are now the proud owners of 7 backyard chickens and he hopes to add to his menagerie at some point in the future. If I haven't enticed you to listen yet we also talk comedy. Jeff is a stand up comic who not only writes for the Bob and Tom Show but also performs in comedy clubs across the country. And he has just added becoming the guy “behind the scenes” on our VIP video feed. This show has a little bit of everything and you might even end up with a dozen fresh eggs. Yum!

Jun 6, 2017

Good news, Britt and Tiffany are back! Bad news, we did this show sober. That doesn’t mean it is PG oh no…

We start out innocent enough talking about high school graduations, teaching children about money, our credit score competition and more. Then work our way up to what Britt wants in a man, Mother’s Day, who is a rule follower and who isn't and my upscale grill cleaning. We end with who has gotten black out drunk, who falls down when drunk and gray pubic hair. You will learn a new term: twat waffle. So stick with this one it’s worth the wait.

Britt always brings out the best in us!  

May 30, 2017

A self proclaimed “gypsy”, Karen is a marvelous Stand up comic, Paranormal Investigator, Tarot Card Reader, and Reiki Master. We talk about all of the above in this weeks podcast. I have never taken so many notes while talking to a guest. From being a cigarette girl in Vegas to stand up stages around the world and knowledge of the paranormal, Karen is simply fascinating. We learn about fairies, guardian angels, paranormal investigations, tarot card readings (mine included), demonology, reincarnation, reiki and more. Her belief in Jesus and why she thinks he hangs with Buddha. Karen also talks about her own podcast which she hosts with comedian Kira Soltanovich. The two read tarot cards for fellow comedians at Karen and Kira Can Read! This is one of my favorite podcasts to date. ENJOY!

To find out more about Karen:

May 23, 2017

After 4 years (it seemed like 1), my favorite employee of The Bob and Tom Show has decided to move on. Jeff Vibbert came to us as a kid fresh out of college with a dream. We hear about his aspirations and goals as an up and coming comedian who has taken a detour on that career path. Jeff is now working for ex-punter for the Indianapolis Colts Pat McAfee’s new venture at Barstool Sports. Jeff is a perfect fit for the hilarity and bro buddy of Barstool Heartland. He has already experienced his first trip to NYC along with hosting the online “The Things You Missed” segment of Barstool Heartland. Find how Jeff has landed on a show that is perfect for his talent, relive the famous “Beer Mile” segment, why he hates magicians and more. And don’t forget you can still hear Jeff on his own podcast “The Jeff Vibbert Podcast” and on Chick McGee’s podcast “The Chick McGee Show”.

To find out all you about Jeff check out his website:

May 16, 2017

My love for comedy and wonderful comedians continues with my guest this week the talented Carmen Lynch.  Her professional credits include:  Conan, Inside Amy Shumer, The Late Show with David Letterman and more.  Carmen has an interesting background having spent many of her formative years living in Barcelona Spain, her mothers home.  The story of how her American father met her mom sounds like a romance novel and has left Carmen with a unique view of love and a wealth of material.   We also delve into her fascination with death.  (and yes, she even makes the subject funny!)  Carmen is about to embark on a tour overseas that includes the Edinburgh Fringe Festival as she promotes her new album “Dance Like you Don’t Need the Money”!  

May 9, 2017

Are you miserable at work and think it is the job. Think again!

Dr. Will Miller is back to talk about his new book “Miserable @ Work”.

Ok, maybe you are not miserable. In fact you may enjoy WHAT you are doing but are still depressed and dissatisfied when on the job. Dr. Will Miller has some interesting and surprising reasons why. He also offers way to improve your work experience. As with all conversations with Dr. Will we also veer off into a wide range of other topics like: addiction to social media, stress, spirituality and even near death experiences. And find out the results of an extensive 75 year study on happiness conducted by Harvard University. You might be surprised at what makes most people happy long term. I think listening to Dr. Will Miller is a great start!

To find out more about Dr. Will Miller please go to You can order his book “Miserable @ Work” at

May 2, 2017

I had the wonderful opportunity to sit down with former Kiss and current Grand Funk Railroad guitarist Bruce Kulick and his lovely wife Lisa recently. What transpired may be a surprise to hard core Kiss fans or classic rock fans of GNR.

Seems the Kulick’s have a fondness for the songs of The Great American Songbook or standards. While Bruce’s guitar playing is world renowned, his wife Lisa Lane Kulick has an amazing singing voice. She spent 3 years in a one-woman cabaret show in NYC.

In this interview they talk about blending their two different musical backgrounds into a brand-new single, “If I Could Show You”. Hear the song and find out how this husband and wife became a musical duo.

Will there be more collaborations in the future? Let’s find out.

You can download the song “If I Could Show You” through Apple Music/iTunes and Spotify

For more information on Bruce Kulick:

Apr 25, 2017

First show back from the Spring Break/Leg Break saga and who better than to have as a guest than Marilene Isaacs Kauffman. Marilene is a natural healer, and intuitive counselor (psychic the old term).

She will discuss why my leg is broken, what it means and then will do some hands on “healing”. We get into the discussions on unconditional love, heaven and hell, karma vs dharma, meditation and so much more.

Find out why Marilene hates the term “New Age”. And relive our experience meeting the Dalai Lama (and Steven Seagal) many years ago. I also ask her what she thinks of those who doubt her abilities. So “live in the moment” with us now….

To reach Marilene:

Apr 18, 2017

I planned to have a new show ready this week; however, due to my leg, a new cast (pictured), and probably a bit of the meds, I'm revisiting my talk with Marc Maron in a Bloomington hotel room. It was an interview that I enjoyed doing and there was so many interesting things we talked about that it's worth a second listen.

Marc takes us through his many ups and downs in life and he is on a BIG up right now. We chat about the stand up process, how this whole comedy thing started, and happiness.

Kristi Lee Cast

As one of the most successful podcasters in the business we delve into how that came about and some of the famous guests he has talked with in his garage studio in California. He shares what led up to one of the most famous podcasts of all time, The President of the United States, Barrack Obama. And let’s not forget his semi auto-biographical show that just ended on IFC, Maron. After four seasons Marc decided to put an end to the comedy, we find out why.

Next week I'll be back with an all new episode. Until then, Be Kind!

Apr 11, 2017

ReBroadcast: Let’s get to the know the newest member of The Bob and Tom Show, Josh Arnold!   After "guest hosting" for the past few month it’s official, comedian Josh Arnold has been hired full time to round out the cast of The Bob and Tom Show which also consists of Tom Griswold, Chick McGee and me, Kristi Lee.

This St. Louis native stuck around in the studio after a recent show and talks about how he landed this coveted job. We delve into his career as a standup. (which began with his first joke being told in kindergarten!)  His detour to teach English in South Korea for a few years.  His interest in Horror films and Romantic comedies.  His writing skills which has led him into screenwriting and the making of The Impersonators written by and starring Josh.

There is also the more serious side of Josh.  Both he and his father suffer from Panic Disorder or Panic Attacks.  He explains how that affects his life and how he deals with it on a daily basis.

And although he claims NOT to have a hidden talent we do find out that Josh is teaching himself to play the harmonica!

All in all, I think you will agree that while Bob Kevoian will NEVER be replaced, Josh Arnold is a wonderful addition.  We are lucky to have found him.

Apr 4, 2017

A mysterious death connected to the JFK assassination is the subject of a new book by author, attorney, legal analyst and TV personality Mark Shaw. "The Reporter Who Knew Too Much" focuses on the career and death of What's My Line? TV star, celebrated journalist and revered investigative reporter Dorothy Kilgallen.

When Kilgallen was found dead in her Manhattan apartment in November of 1965 of an alleged drug overdose, no investigation occurred despite a staged death scene and suspicions by those closest to her that she had been murdered. Why murdered? Mark's book reveals that Dorothy was covering the trial of Jack Ruby and  was the only reporter to actually interview Ruby twice. She also had a source inside the Warren Commission and was convinced that Oswald had not acted alone in the assassination of President Kennedy.

Was her search for the truth and the threatened tell-all book she was writing for Random House the motive for murder? Mark Shaw discusses his true crime "whodunit" book with me and the possibility of the case being reopened after 52 years. Dorothy Kilgallen was denied justice following her death. That is, until now!

For more information on Mark Shaw see his website:

For more information on Dorothy and her remarkable career check


Mar 28, 2017

Most of us have been to a concert, not many of us have made it a career. My guest has the envious job of being up close and personal with the top entertainment acts and bands of our time. Meet Steve Gerardi. Steve has worked in the concert business since the early 80’s. A passion that started with his first concert, Edgar Winter, at the age of 15.

Steve has stories about nearly any band you can think of, Motley Crue, Van Halen, Sammy Hagar, Gun’s and Roses, Metallica, Grateful Dead, Rolling Stones, Paul McCartney, you get the idea. We talk about what it was like to work with Chuck Berry, Frank Sinatra, and Aretha Franklin.

Find out which acts are divas and the band he hated. If you love music you will love Steve and his memories. To find out more or to book a band for a corporate event you can reach Steve at!

Rock On!

Mar 21, 2017

Most of you are familiar with therapist, keynote speaker, professor and former stand up comedian Dr. Will Miller. He was the first guest I ever had on my podcast and you may have heard him on one of his many visits to The Bob and Tom Show; However, his wife Dr. Sally Miller is just as engaging and interesting and she joins us today as well.

Sally is a national authority and speaker on coping with a loss. She has written books on the topic, (Mourning & Dancing: A memoir of grief and recovery), made appearances on TV talk shows, and tours extensively discussing a topic that makes many of us uncomfortable. Not Sally; however, she loves to talk about grief and loss and she speaks from the heart.

At 24 she suffered the tragic loss of her husband unexpectedly. She was left a widow with two children under the age of 4. How did she move on? What tools did she learn that may help you deal with a loss?

We also talk about Will and Sally’s belief in the afterlife. Will's from his near death experience and Sally from an encounter with her first husband Bob after his death. An encounter that happened the day their first grandson, Henry, was born with a serious complication. One that has left Henry with Cerebral Palsy, paralyzed from the the waist down and limited use of one arm.

Now, at 23, Henry is an inspiration to all who meet him. He works for the Purdue Women’s Basketball team as a statistician and is a delight to all of his friends and family. Sally is on a personal crusade to help Henry and others with physical disabilities.

She is spearheading a program to build "Henry’s House" on the campus of Purdue University in West Lafayette, IN.This self-sustaining co-op will be designed so that people with physical challenges yet intellectual abilities would be responsible for their own care. While tenants without disabilities would provide help with simple tasks. The mission is simple give people like Henry the chance to live independently. YOU CAN HELP MAKE THIS HAPPEN. If you would like more information on “Henry’s House” , find them on Facebook, or check out their Go Fund Me page:

Also be sure and check out Dr. Will’s podcast at I hope you find this show as special as I do.

Until next time:
Be Kind!

Mar 14, 2017
It’s been awhile but Britt and Tiffany are back! I have to admit this show has a little bit of something for everyone and a lot of something for a few.  
We talk about Tiffany’s weekend getaway with her husband which includes a serious reflection of 9/11. Moves to Britt attending a dance at West Point while in college. Then it’s on to Cards Against Humanity.  
A discussion that includes a vocabulary lesson not for the timid. And I mean NSFW!!!!! And all this time I thought Limp Bizkit was just a band.
Back to serious with body shaming and working out. Prom, Parenting advice for Britt, and Tiffany’s trip to the Sundance Film Festival. (I want Tiffany’s life!)
We wrap the show up with a little sex and menstruation talk. Find out what a menstrual cup does and learn about Toni the Tampon Coloring Book.
See I told you this show has A LOT going on. Enjoy!
Mar 7, 2017

In 1990 you couldn't turn on the radio without hearing “Same Old Look” by Jimmy Ryser. Fast forward to 2017 and Jimmy has changed to Jim and his “look” is anything but the same. The musician, known for other top charting songs like “Rain Came” and who played with John Mellancamp, Tracy Chapman, and Hall and Oates, is now the Director of the Chronic Pain and Chemical Dependence programs at IU Health Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis, IN.

In part one of our interview with Jim, we listen to his music and mainly talk about the early days of his and his “taste of rock n roll success”, which would eventually play into the bigger role his life has taken. We get to that portion of his life in part two as we hope to enlighten and enterain you over these two episodes.

For more info on Jimmy Ryser’s music: Google Jimmy Ryser or check Amazon

To listen to part 2, click here.

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